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Atlanta, Georgia

Creating custom wedding invitations & event stationery.

Because the details matter, and because life is worth celebrating.


Here you'll find StaceyHolbrook Design's latest and greatest work along with new product announcements, behind the scenes photos, and exciting client ventures. 

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Signature Cocktails - Part 1

Stacey Stephens

It's perfect porch weather, and that means that party season is right around the corner. Instead of waiting for someone else to flip open the calendar, circle a date, and get a plan in motion, my challenge for you is to plan something special for the month of May

Truth be told, I think a lot of us get intimidated by the idea of hosting:

"does my house have to be perfect? does my house to be clean? do I have to be perfect?! I can't host people... I wouldn't know where to start."

Simple answer: definitely not. People appreciate you because you're you - messy bedroom and dry shampooed hair included. Let's work this month to redefine the idea of "hosting a party" and let's make it less about fancy and more about fun. Don't get me wrong - a full-on day party with invitations, florals and decorations is totally up my alley but we can't forget about the gatherings that are last minute, thrown together by the people you love. 

To help get you started, I've gathered a few of my favorite #girlboss friends and have asked them for their favorite SIMPLE cocktail recipes. Perfect for porch swingin' and warm spring nights, choose one below, call your 6 favorite friends, and pick the date. I promise you'll have a ball.


Meet Ashlyn Carter, of Ashlyn Writes.

Lover of words, truth, German Shepard pups, and margaritas (a girl after my own heart, after all) Ashlyn is a calligrapher and copywriter for creatives. She's got tons of free goodies, great advice, and beautiful pictures of her unbelievable handwriting. 

Instagram: @AshlynSCarter

Carter Margarita

1. One part or 2 ounces of tequila. (Get a 100% agave tequila; you can find one for a good price)

2. One part or 2 ounces of Cointreau or another orange-based liquor, like Triple Sec.

3. One part or 2 ounces of lime juice. Opt for "real" lime juice, if you can. You can tell the difference!

Meet Michelle, of Burke Design & Planning


Michelle is crazy about details, fresh florals and a well set table. Her events are beautiful and timeless, and she focuses on the heart of hospitality with each of her events. 

Instagram: @michtburke


Georgia Peach Basil Mojito


Combine Shellback Rum, 360 Vodka, fresh peach puree, minced garden basil, fresh lime juice and soda to taste. Enjoy! 

Meet Shannon, of Pine + Pen

Shannon is a calligraphy guru and works with a friend who creates their custom watercolor designs. Shannon is a connector of people, loves summertime, and has a big heart for the city of Atlanta. 

Instagram: @pineandpendesign

Blackberry Mojito

8 mint leaves
12 blackberries
2 tsp extra fine sugar or agave syrup
ice cubes to your liking
4 oz light rum
2 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
club soda to taste

In a cocktail shaker, muddle together mint, blackberries and sugar. Add the ice, rum and lime juice. Cover and shake for 20 seconds. Fill your glass of choice with ice and strain the cocktail into the glass. Top with club soda and garnish with additional mint and blackberries!

Meet Bryn, of Bryn Harrison Weddings

Bryn, a wedding and event planner, loves the small details. Her favorite part of the job is working one-on-one with clients to help them dream up their perfect wedding day.  

Instagram: @brynharrison


The Southern Lady

3 parts Brut Rose

1 part St. Germaine (or your favorite elderflower liquor)

Garnish with a sprig of rosemary


Cristina Leis Calligraphy

Stacey Stephens

I recently discovered Cristina Leis and knew I had to share her with y'all. My favorite thing about her work is her use of other mediums - who needs paper when you can use glass, mirrors, rocks, jewels?! She's super creative and has my mind spinning with new ideas... 

For more information (and to check out her AMAZING cake toppers) : 

Instagram: cristina_leis





Stacey Stephens

It's been a busy spring as we approach wedding, shower and party season here in the South! If you're following along on Instagram, you've seen a few sneak peeks, but here is a quick preview of the projects I've been working on!


As summer weddings approach, I've been working on day-of details and guest goodies (which you know are my favorite!)

Planning a wedding? A shower? A spring soiree? Would love to work with you to make your event unique, thoughtful and seamless.



Calligraphy: Lewes Lettering

Stacey Stephens


Our next calligrapher and handletterer is Katy, from Lewes, Delaware. We recently connected and I love her casual, fun style: 

Hi! My name is Katy and I am super passionate about all things calligraphy & paper! I began working on my calligraphy when I got engaged. I knew I wanted each of my guests to receive hand lettered envelopes & figured I could take on the challenge myself. With the help of Melissa Esplin’s class & lots of books (yay books!) I have turned a little hobby into a small business. Some of my recent work has included custom stamps, wedding invitation addressing, custom quotes & personalized stationery. I am learning more and more every day and with that taking on all sorts of new projects. My next stunt: open an Etsy store to make it easier for you all to purchase some handmade goods! Thanks so much! 

Contact Information: 

instagram: @lewesletteringco




2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Stacey Stephens

I'm excited to share our latest project, the #SHDHolidayGiftGuide. My idea stems from a couple of places:

  • I've connected with so many fabulous creatives and makers over the past year who I want to support and honor and promote;
  • Christmas is coming;
  • Finding new, fun, local shops is one of my favorite things;
  • Etsy buying rocks too; and
  • We all love thoughful, hand picked gifts!

In my mind, the project is a win-win-win. What's not to love!?

Here's where you come in - by submitting names for the gift guide! Who are your favorite painters and artists and jewelers? What bakery or local shop is your new hang out? What is this year's best smelling candle, coolest decorative piece, most creative piece of pottery? Comment below with makers and their specific products - or check out our ongoing conversation on Instagram

Consider this your first sneak peek: Atlanta Artist Brit Bass creates hand-painted ornaments each year and I think they're just adorable. They're available for pre-order now! 

I'll be publishing the gift guide on my blog throughout November and will be featuring a few of the shops on Instagram. 

I've got a few ideas up my sleeve but want this to be bigger than my corner of the neighborhood. And hey, I need suggestions for gifts, too! Thanks in advance for your input and for making this an opportunity to support small business owners and entrepreneurs everywhere.