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Atlanta, Georgia

Creating custom wedding invitations & event stationery.

Because the details matter, and because life is worth celebrating.


Here you'll find StaceyHolbrook Design's latest and greatest work along with new product announcements, behind the scenes photos, and exciting client ventures. 

First Anniversary

Stacey Stephens

StaceyHolbrook Design was officially launched last September, after a long stretch of doing random projects with friends, family, and acquaintances. It was a big move for me -  my first real site, my first shop, my first opportunity to really put myself out there. 

I did a bit of research this week and created the map below: I worked with clients in all of those beautiful blue states. Thank you. I loved seeing the reach of my work - and smiled remembering the great, unique, quirky, fun people I had the opportunity to work with. 


While thinking through my first year, I realize that three groups made a world of difference for me: I attended Gather Workshop in February, came across Hillary Rushford's amazing coaching in July, and discovered the Rising Tide Society / Tuesday's Together this summer. 

This all means that I found my people. I learned who to turn to with my crazy boss lady questions. I found friends who love paper, who live for weddings, who have beautiful visions and dreams and are brave enough to chase them. I fell in love with Atlanta all over again. There is a big tribe of seriously super talented, driven people out there who are making a difference. 

 It was a crazy year: my husband started grad school at Georgia Tech while working full time, I launched StaceyHolbrook Design, we traveled to Europe, I got a promotion at my day job, we packed up and moved into town in whirlwind style this summer.  

As I'm rambling on, I'm remembering what an exciting start it's been. I'm remembering to pace myself - that this isn't a race, and that every good thing needs a strong foundation. I'm working on redesigning a few aspects of my website, exploring new and better ways to communicate with my people, and am continuing to * decide * what it is I'd like to focus on. In the meantime, I'm excited for year two. This is a good gig, y'all. 

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