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Atlanta, Georgia

Creating custom wedding invitations & event stationery.

Because the details matter, and because life is worth celebrating.


Here you'll find StaceyHolbrook Design's latest and greatest work along with new product announcements, behind the scenes photos, and exciting client ventures. 

Recent Favorites

Stacey Stephens

One of the best parts of being a small business owner is getting to meet [sometimes virtually] all kinds of creative and brilliant people.  Lots of them also happen to be paving a path down the road of entrepreneurship. 

One of my favorite pieces of advice from Gather was the encouragement to stifle the competition and comparison game. Let's choose to celebrate one another. Let's shop local and support small business to cheer on the women who are going hard after their dreams. I'm learning that they aren't just competitors - they are makers and creators, friends and wives and moms and daughters.

Here are a few of my recent favorites - links below!

Leather Pouch: Liz Riden  

Mine is on the way and needless to say, I've been stalking the postman. 


Illustrated Calendar: Brim Paper 

Every month is better than the last. The photography is amazing. 


Handwritten Print: Lettering by Green Tie Studio - Photo by Kaitie Bryant

Created by two friends who I respect a whole lot. 


Rustic Wooden Box: Holbrook Hill

My mom made these. She is amazing and has a killer etsy shop.